domingo, 14 de março de 2010


I'm here to report a unfair jail that i've take today.

I was PvMing monsters in blood dungeon, when i saw a tammer kiling a balron paragon. Like any shard in the world, i've gone there to kill and obviously get a chance of art.

But the tammer called the dragon back, and ran away. I did the same. Than, he starts to say improper words, and send me away. I've said that is my right to be there if I want. After a long time doing that, we've gone out the dungeon, and he called the Seer Xavier.

He told the Seer that I was following him. I've told that this is a free shard, and i can follow any one i want (There's nothing in the rules of the shard that says i can't do it).

The Seer said me if a player asks to stop, u must stop. Imagine, friends, a guy in felluca asking for a PK to stop following. No sense, at all. So I've said that if he wents into the dungeon, I'd follow him. He took as a desrespect, and jailed me.

Just postin here because the wrong use of the GM/Seer/Admin atribuitions is something that happens in many shards. But palyers are not supossed to take it easy. The Seer Xavier told me if I post this here, he'll delete it. I'm putting the SS that i took above.

Thanks for the atention.

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  1. "Imagine, friends, a guy in felluca asking for a PK to stop following."
    You weren't in Felucca (note the correct spelling)you were in Ilshenar, which is a Trammel ruleset facet.
    You were told to do something by the Seer, you refused. So you ended up in jail.
    You were doing what you were doing specifically to bother the other player.
    If you could, as you claim in your SS "take it alone" then why didn't you?
    Because you were being an ass.
    Now you come to the forums and whine like a little bitch. Guess you see what that got you. "Account Terminated"
    All over 30 minutes of jail time.
    Hopefully you will get a clue from that.

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